Kimono Labs Making "Data Lib" Sexy

Kimono Labs is making Data Liberalization sexy. By empowering any domain expert the ability to also be a data scientist, Kimono is putting developer tools into the hands of non-techies. ReadWrite just named Kimono Labs as one of the best companies of 2014, alongside multi-billion dollar valuation companies such as Slack, highlighting its ability to democratize the ability to glean insights from data. Concurrently, Sergio Monsalve, a Partner at Norwest Venture Partners, articulated five predictions for 2015. Key among articulated trends was the notion that Internet of Things will move away from commoditized hardware devices, and toward software. It will be companies like IFTTT and Kimono Labs that will stitch together data flows that emanate from a plurality of commoditized IoT devices, making actionable the insights from data.