Data Knows No Borders

After a month in Asia, Kimono Labs, has grown its user base on the continent, and seen some interesting use cases, as highlighted in this great article from Tech in Asia. The article highlights how Kimono has allowed early adopters in the region to leverage Kimono to build APIs in seconds that do things like track incoming election data in real time in Indonesia and India. There was also an example of using Kimono to power an API that took Beijing pollution data and tied the results to a set of lights, powering the lights to flash at higher frequency for days with worse pollution. 

The applications are far and wide, agnostic and global. It's only the beginning. 

There will also be interesting data challenges, as "Data Knows No Borders." Recently, the FT has put together some great pieces on "Digital Trade: Data Protectionism" and "Data Across Borders." Soon, open data will take on the sorts of debate as open trade.

Will the Open Data Jagdish Bhagwati, please stand up!