Data Flows via Kimono Labs

When we think about data, we imagine a snapshot, a static image. The visual presentation of most data is in stock, rather than flow, format. It's a graph, or a chart. Sophisticated startups use Dashboards, and tools like MixPanel or Google Analytics to monitor trends, but there is not yet a "Dashboard as a Service," or plug and play solution for data flow visualization across a multitude of use cases. 

This week Kimono released an integration with Google Spreadsheets such that any Kimono API can become a dynamic data flow into a Google Spreadsheet, updating that spreadsheet in real time if the underlying information called by the API changes. The impact of this release is that Kimono users can sort through massive time series data sets using crawling APIs, and now they can view data in Google Spreadsheets that are updated dynamically based on the underlying information. 

In the future we imagine a world where analysts don't display charts, but rather dashboards. PowerPoints will be productized, and data flows, rather than static numbers, will become the norm for information sharing. One Kimono API at a time.