Constructing Real-Time Identity

Mobile ubiquity is changing the way we live, but it's also changing the way we work. We take more calls remotely, and "work from home." While we may still call it "Inside Sales," for many, those calls happen on the clock, and also on the weekend. 

Research suggests that people make better decisions when they have data at their fingertips. While we have data in CRM and ERP platforms, and in the public cloud on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, it's cumbersome to look up and cohere information in real time to inform decisions. 

Klink, founded by serial entrepreneur Inaki Berenguer, does just this. It constructs a real time identity profile compiled off 100 public and private sets of data, and displays this information so that you can make real time decisions from your mobile. After, you can log that information back to you CRM or ERP system for next time. 

The hope is that with better information sales reps can always be closing