Telephone... it's the New Snapchat

When Scottish inventor Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in the mid 19th century, he never could have imagined that it would one day become more popular than Snapchat. But today, that's a true statement, and an uncommonly observed reality. Sometimes we get caught up in the new new thing. Sometimes it's the old thing that's the stalwart, the underdog. 

People make over 12 billion phone calls each day, and just over 700 million snapchats. That's why the telephone, as an actual calling device, is novel. Mobile search is outpacing desktop search, and more people are accessing the Internet from their mobile device. What this means in practice is that we click to call. We search for something, and then we act as lazily as possible. While we could fill out a form on a tiny keypad, most people prefer to talk to a person. 

Phone calls are en vogue to the tune of 12 billion per day, but few solutions work to track calls with the same level of analytic detail as we can with clicks. Companies like Invoca, backed by Accel Partners, are scaling quickly to provide analytics on inbound caller data. Solutions like Klink are applying big data to bring CRM and real time data to the mobile device so that inbound calls are understood in context, and so data on outbound calls can be logged in CRM systems. 

Klink is a new sales productivity platform that uses data science to enhance customer interactions and simplify the tedious process of updating a CRM system. Klink provides unified communication across your phone system, desktop, and suite of mobile devices.

For the 12 billion calls per day, we need real time data. The answer is in Google Play.