WY "SAY" IWYG... What you say is what you get

Steve Jobs famously created the "What you see is what you get" interface, taking users from command lines and black terminal screens to visual interfaces with fonts, colors, and the ability to manipulate programming by point-and-click mice. It was a radical departure from the then-status quo, and it changed the face of human computer interaction. 

Today we are on the cusp of the next version of human computer interaction. Today, however, it's not the point-and-click visual interface, it's the say-in-English conversational interface. 

Today chat based AI, with either a text or auditory input, is changing how we issue commands to machines. It's no longer command lines in a terminal that drive computing, but often a verbal or conversational text statement that dictate. Whereas Jobs created the WYSIWYG interface, today it's more of the WY-"SAY"-IWIG interface. It's what you "Say"–rather than "See"– is what you get.

As I wrote in Inc. Magazine yesterday, the future James Bond villain won't be a headset-wearing hacker in a basement, typing feverishly into a terminal. Instead, he'll calmly command Siri or a Chat AI. The new highest abstraction programming language will be English. And it's coming soon...