Metamorphic Ventures

I'm excited to announce that over the coming months I will be working closely with the Metamorphic Ventures team, and their amazing set of portfolio companies. I'll be focused on supporting new investments and diligence, and as an Operator-in-Residence, I'll also be working closely with a number of the portfolio companies around the world. Metamorphic is a $70 million seed and early stage venture capital firm based in New York City focused on great entrepreneurs, big ideas predicated on technology as an enabler, and leveraging a deep network in New York industry verticals to help startups, wherever they may be based in the world, achieve scale through access to distribution networks at many of the Fortune 500. The next wave of tech-driven commercialization is upon us, and impacting verticals such as media, fashion, finance, and real estate. The powerhouse players in all of these industries center in New York.