Are you a Fuzzy or a Techie? Both.

The myth that you're either a "Fuzzy" or a "Techie" is a prevalent one. As evidenced by the many questions on Quora, we think of this as an either/or phenomenon. You either get an English degree or you're a gifted coder with every job at his or her feet. The truth is it's far more complicated and those with breadth of exposure, passion, and curiosity are poised for success. Many "techies" read great literature and play the violin, while many "fuzzies" are eminently quantitative in how they structure historic data sets in the social sciences. Being technical doesn't mean being narrow, or having rote thinking. Look at a systems engineer, for example. Nor does being fuzzy mean that you have no ability to manage data. Look at every PhD in economics or political science to see the quantitative requirements prevalent in all modern social science. 

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