Turning the Web Inside-Out

Today Pando Daily ran a great article on Kimono Labs entitled "Structured Web: YC Grad Kimono Labs makes its giant repository of user-generated APIs searchable." Kimono has been allowing anyone to build application programming interfaces (APIs) off web data that has previously been locked away. This is not just Open Data, as is being pushed by Obama and the US Government, but it's making data open and machine readable, accessible to query across devices and platforms. It makes data genesis agnostic, and provides an agnostic infrastructure layer to power application development. So far the team is just over 6 months old and has 20,000 users who have created 65,000 APIs across scores of countries, borders, and data sets. Today they made that searchable. 

This is only the beginning of re-mapping the Internet of everything based not on pages as proxies for information, but of information as exists embedded in any form factor.