Klink Acquired by ThinkingPhones

Today we are incredibly excited to announce that Klink has been acquired by ThinkingPhones, one of the fastest growing companies in Boston, and backed by nearly $90 million in venture capital from Bessemer Ventures and Technology Crossover Ventures (TCV). Although we have smart phones in our pockets, our desktop enterprise phone systems remain largely disconnected from our needs and our workflows. When we receive a call we don't know who it is. When we need information, we have to go hunt for it across browsers and tabs. Over the past year Klink has built a patent-pending "Identity Graph," that –across roughly 600 million phone numbers– can assemble a real-time profile for the caller before you pick up. By looking across public and enterprise data sources, it assembles information records into an actionable look at who's calling. Who are they publicly, via their Twitter and LinkedIn, and who are they related to your business, as they're stored in Zendesk and Salesforce. ThinkingPhones has acquired Klink to bring this functionality deeper inside its Unified Communication offering, something that will make your desktop phone as smart as the one in your pocket. We're extremely excited for that next step.

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